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Tutorial Football Skills by Martin Odegaard, The New Rising Star of Real Madrid

Welcome to Real Madrid – Martin Odegaard just officially joined Real Madrid, becoming one of the players who get labeled 'wonderkid'.
Martin Odegaard when introduced in a Real Madrid press conference.
Why not? At the age of just 15 years old, he had served his debut with the national team of Norway. He is listed as the youngest player to appear in the European Cup qualifying, while defending his country in the match against Bulgaria at the age of 15 years and 300 days.

In their home country, Odegaard skill often referred similar to Lionel Messi. Playing as an attacking midfielder, Odegaard has speed and fairly agile. He is good at dribbling and not easy to lose the round leather when pressed opponent.

Further more, he is also said to have a good understanding of the tactics and strategies. These attributes make him targeted by several top clubs such as Liverpool, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, and Madrid, as well as predict become a great player in the future.

Martin Odegaard, in the middle of Ancelotti and Zidane expectations
In the case of Odegaard really become a big player or not remains to be seen. Clearly, many wonderkid failed to meet expectations which is charged. However, quite a lot of them are successful.

Watch the video tutorial football skills by Martin Odegaard, the new rising star of Real Madrid.
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