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Video Highlights Cordoba vs Real Madrid 24 January 2015

Real Madrid have struggled to reap the winning. (Source: Eurosport)
Cordoba – Real Madrid have struggled to reap the winning in a trip to Cordoba’s home. The victory of Real Madrid obtained in the final minute of the game on a penalty by Gareth Bale.

Come to the home of Cordoba, Estadio Nuevo Archangel (24/1), Madrid must left in the first minute through a penalty goal by Nabil Ghilas. Madrid are favored in this game, try to confine the defense of Cordoba. Possession of the ball was of 65%-35% controlled by Los Blancos.

However, Madrid could equalized in the 27th minutes of the first half by kicking on target by Karim Benzema which produced a goal. 1-1 score lasted until the first half ended.

Although controlled of the game, Real Madrid have not been able to add goals. Until they came in the 82nd minutes, disaster must be received Carlo Ancelotti's troops. The Superstar, Critiano Ronaldo, should be sent off after kicking Edimar and hit Jose Angel Crespo’s face.

But not long after, fortune favoring Madrid. Bale kicking touched Fede Cartabia’s hand in the penalty box. Cartabia also sent off for the second yellow card. Bale became executor and successfully deliver Madrid win.

With this result, the Los Blncos still firmly at the top of Liga BBVA standings by collecting 48 points from 19 matches. While Cordoba stuck in 14th position with 18 points from 20 matches.

Watch the video highlights Cordoba vs Real Madrid 24 January 2015 below

Cordoba: Juan Carlos (GK), Gunino, Crespo, Pantic, Edimar, Rossi, Deivid, Bebe, Fede, Ghilas, Andone (Subs: Vico 80’).
Real Madrid: Casillas, Carvajal, Varane, Ramos, Marcelo (Subs: Coentrao 72’), Khedira (Subs: Illarramendi 64’), Kroos, Bale, James (Subs: Jese 80’), Ronaldo, Benzema.
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